Episode 7 – Robert Fiorile

Rob Fiorile, Senior Environmental Scientist at Matrix, was kind enough to join us for this episode to update us on the firm’s endeavors in the Tri-State Area. Rob highlights the scope of his work, from construction projects to coastal wetland areas, and explains how Matrix’s work is helping municipalities and private entities recover from post-Sandy destruction, prepare for the next storm, and mitigate the impact of climate change on our state’s economy.

Episode 5 – Sean Savage

This episode of Matrix News is all about affordable housing. MatrixNEWorld is proud to work on some of the largest and most complex affordable housing projects in the area. Matrix’s Director of Land Development, Sean Savage, spoke with us about the challenges of planning these developments, the opportunities these projects provide for firms like MatrixNEWorld, and the measurable impact Matrix has on lives and municipalities through these endeavors.

Episode 4 – David Eareckson

This episode of Matrix News features David Eareckson, President of Land Development Services for MatrixNEWorld. David was kind enough to join us by phone to highlight the inherent engineering challenges of large public works projects, the role of modeling and computer technology in his work, and the future of Matrix and the services it provides.

Episode 2 – Reggie Prime, John Burns

This second episode of Matrix News features John Burns and Reggie Prime, directors of Matrix’s Industrial Services group. Together, they discuss their experience in providing wastewater reduction and optimization strategies for clients in the food/beverage industry and beyond, and share tips for businesses seeking to streamline and improve their wastewater treatment process.

Episode 1 – Charles Jones, Phoebe Christ

On this inaugural episode of MatrixNews, we speak with Charles Jones, Director of Ecological Services, and Phoebe Christ, Air & Water Specialist. Both Charles and Phoebe work at our Baton Rouge office, where heavy flooding this August caused loss of life and widespread damage. Phoebe and Charles share their personal stories with us, and provide insight on the work that needs to be done to rebuild, recover, and prevent future catastrophic flood events.